Welcome To Government Rewtiraman Mishra PG College,Navapara, Surajpur

The Department of Microbiology, Govt. Rewati Raman Mishra P.G. College, Surajpur, (C.G.)was established on 16th August 2022. The department is consistently progressing towards excellence to impart quality education to the students. The department is well equipped with basic instrumentation facilities such as Laminar Air Flow, Autoclave, Incubator, Simple Microscope, Compound Microscope, Electrophoretic Unit, Centrifuge Machine, Distillation Unit and Hot Air Oven. The department actively focuses to inculcate research temperament among the students to become the good human resource for future. The department has the essential infrastructural facility to perform high quality research in frontier areas of microbiology. Thus, the department is committed to high quality teaching, research and extension activities in the varied dimensions of microbiology. The Department of Microbiology has served the students from its inception. It is acting as the fountain head of inspiration and one of the linchpins of the college curricular activities. This college, particularly the department of Microbiology, has been molded many generations since its establishment. The Department of Microbiology plays a key role in the development of the college.


·       Providing quality education and training to our students and bringing out the very best in them through the stimulus of scholarly progression and intellectual development.

·        Equipping students with excellence in education, abilities, and skills to enable them to pursue a career of their choice.

·       It also includes facilitating high quality teaching, learning and research ambience in the department. We nurture our disciples to aim at global competition for employment and career breakthroughs.

·         To build intellectual and imaginative minds Lead the world towards healthy practices


2)Department’s Mission:

·       To impart higher education with integral formation which involves academic excellence, that meets the changing needs in discipline of microbiology.

·       Our Mission is to be an effective change agent and path building towards the designed vision. Embracing academic & professional inventions, innovations& dynamism is a continuous driving force for us.

·        Extension of intra and inter departmental service, providing brilliant assistance for institutional assignments and playing linking pin role in administrative endeavors are other prominent provinces of the department.

·       Enhance the scope of the department in order to cater to the needs of the community and society by laying a major emphasis on praxis, utility and applicability of microbial systems.

·       Create students who will achieve peer recognition by demonstrating good      analytical skills.

·       Prepare graduates to contribute society as broadly educated, expressive, ethical and responsible citizens with proven expertise

3)Future Roadmap of the Department:

1. Development of diagnostic tools for detection of pathogens

2. Establish Molecular Biology Laboratory

3. Laboratory for understanding Antibiotic Resistance mechanisms

4. Development and Analysis of various Microbial Databases

5. Consultancy services to Industry.

4)Department’s Objectives:

Ø Objectives are the achievable targets and actions involved in accomplishment of the stated vision and mission of any institution or department. Therefore, we have penned the following as time-tested objectives of our Microbiology department.

Ø To strengthen and develop a nexus with Institutes, Departments, organizations, Industries and personnel of diversified fields and specializations.

Ø To establish research culture and impart progressive outlook for societal cause.

Ø To promote holistic development among Students and Staff with human touch.

Ø To cultivate broader spirit, spectrum, self-employment and entrepreneurial instigation and zeal among the stakeholders of the department.

Ø To make teaching, learning and innovation more vigorous, ever dynamic, and conducive.

Microbiology Department Staff

S NoFaculty PhotoFaculty NameQualificationDepartmentDesignationMobile No
1 Mr. Tulsiram RahangdaleM. Phil, B.Ed., CG-SET, Gold medalistMicrobiologyAssistant Professor (H.O.D)9131719195
2 Mrs. PranjanaM.Sc. (Botany)MicrobiologyGuest Faculty8319735256
3 Mr. Aman SinghM.Sc. (Biotech), CSIR-NET, DST-INSMicrobiologyGuest Faculty8889675031

Microbiology Department Photos