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The Department of Physics has been established in the year 2010-2011.The department has been enriched 35 seats with various facilities like departmental physics lab, darkroom, computing facility and dedicated equipments .Physics is a branch of pure science dealing with the study and analysis of physical phenomena that take place around us .The nature of the force responsible for them, and accurate measurement of the physical parameters involved, their inter dependence and the law governing them. This leads to a better understanding of the universe we live in. From ancient times, Physics has attracted the human race due to curiosity about the origin of the Universe, Gravity, Time and Space, Optics, Electricity, Magnetism, Atomic structure, Fundamental Particles, Radiation, Heat etc. The laboratory session are intended to give the student a hand on experience of the experiments that enable the verification of the knowledge gained in the theory classes. Problem solving hones the analytic and rational thinking of the student in applying their knowledge to practical situations in life. In physics lab has four computers from which the student learn C/C++, FORTRAN  programming and also learn MS OFFICE like Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Physics dark room instruments that can be used to conduct various optical experiments along with several spectral lamp and experimental light sources, to learn and verify various optical phenomena like NEWTON’SRING, DESPERSION OF LIGHT AND DIFFRACTION. Undergraduate students learn CLASSICAL PHYSICS, MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS,ELECTRODYNAMICS, THERMODYNAMICS, OPTICS, QUANTUM MECHANICS, ATOMIC ANDMOLECULAR PHYSICS, ELEMENTARY PARTICAL PHYSICS, SOLID STATE PHYSICS,ELECTRONICS, in all B.Sc. programmedWell equipment in lab like TRANSISTOR, FET, PHOTOCELL, DIODE, LOGICGATE, H.A./F.A. ADDER, SPECTROMETER.


Physics Department Staff

S NoFaculty PhotoFaculty NameQualificationDepartmentDesignationMobile No
1 Mr. Anil Kumar ChakradhariM.Sc., CGSET, B.EdPhysicsAssistant Professor (H.O.D.)9770716964